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Would you care to share your cannabutter method, I plan on making edibles and I don't wanna waste a fucking ounce lol from Anonymous


hahaa good shitt that’s the right amount you need. the first time I made it it was in a big mason jar I grounded up the oz wrapped it in a cheese cloth tight threw it in the jar with about 4 to 5 stick of unsalted butter u need a boiling pot with water inside to place the mason jar in it .. u can start with one butter cube shit at a time till it melts and u add the rest same method.. once that’s done u close the lid of the jar an let it simmer at low to medium heat for about 2 to 3 hours no more than 4 then you strain into bowl and squish the cheese cloth then set the bowl in the fridge for like 2 hours or more buh put a cover over the bowl and wala you have you’re cannabutter 😊😉❤️💨 don’t smoke after u eat it or b4 so u get a good effect it should kick in after 20 to 30 min haaha get ready for a good experience ✌️🍁